1. RECEPTION: every customer is welcome

2. TECHNOLOGY: the laboratories are equipped with modern instruments, calibrated in compliance with the applicable standards

3. TRAINING: personnel constantly follows a training program

4. QUICK OFFERS: for each request a written offer is issued as a basis for the new contract

5. RELIABILITY AND PROFESSIONALISM: each analysis is performed by qualified personnel and respecting the privacy of the customers

6. QUALITY:analyses are performed in compliance with the specified procedures and according to the ISO 17025 standard. Omeco laboratory is accredited by ACCREDIA

7. TRANSPARENCY: after the analysis the test specimens and the remaining parts are available to the customer for any re-tests or confirmation tests

8. TRACEABILITY: test documents and reports are filed for 10 years

9. ENVIRONMENT: OMECO respects the environment collecting and disposing of waste and abating fumes before releasing in the air as required by law dispositions

10. ASSISTANCE: our personnel is available for any technical support required by customers